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"After tallying nearly 33,000 votes from artists and theatergoers alike, Footlights announced the final nominees for the 2019 Footlights People’s Choice Awards..."



Broadway World

"Mirroring the six guys on stage are six ladies in major roles behind the scenes: Director Malkia Stampley, Music Director Christie Chiles Twillie, Choreographer Lanette Costas..."



Dave Begel On Theater

"Ms. Costas has created choreography that is both entertaining and unique..."


"Choreographer Lanette Costas keeps the guys moving for most of the show in inventive combinations that easily fill the stage..."

Shepherd Express

"Choreographer Lanette Costas keeps the fancy footwork in high gear throughout, from the train movements in “Choo ChooCh’Boogie” to the high energy impact the title tune. "

WUWM 89.7 Milwaukee's NPR

"Lake Effect's Bonnie North joined Stampley, Music Director Christie Chiles Twillie and Choreographer Lanette Costas at the end of a recent rehearsal to find out what an all female creative team brings to this production."

Dance NJ

"Academy Program Director Ms. Lanette Costas–Stampley has put together an amazing day for these students."

The New York Times

" seemed impossible that dancers of such a different time could sink themselves into these naked characterizations. But these five "Quintet" women - Lanette Costas, Rosalyn Sanders, Yuka Fukuda, Tina Williams and Odara Jabali-Nash - communicated overlapping exultation and sadness with astonishing authority.  Ms. Costas embodied the first solo's searing sense being lost."

Dance Magazine

"First moving in unison, the dancers separate off one by one for impassioned solos that show the private faces of pain and despair behind the glossy facade: arms reach out, clutch around the waist; bodies crumple to the floor, occasionally to resurrect with new hopes and desires. Wonderful performances from Lanette Costas... "

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